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BARRI Horning (February) 2nd

This is the day we celebrate the wooing of Gerda, the Maiden Frost Giant by Frey, the God of Fertility.

"Barri is hight, as both we know,
for true love a trysting glade.
After nights nine to Njorth's son there
will Gerth grant her love."
The Lay of Skínir

We also give honor to Iduna, Goddess of Eternal Youth. Snorri relates the tale in which Iduna, along with Her apples, is abducted by the frost giant Ţjazi. The Gods gather together trying to figure out when last they saw Iduna. It was determined that she was last seen with Loki. So, Loki, with the use of Freya's falcon cloak, is forced to rescue Iduna.

Barri is one of the "inbetween" holidays ~ no longer are we in the grip of winter, but it is not yet spring. It is a day of anticipation and reawakening.

We of Wolfgar Freehold will look to the Gods tonight as we draw a rune asking for illumination as to what each of us needs to reawaken within.