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Bean and Bacon soup (canned)

This is an Amish recipe

4lbs dried navy beans

4 qts, tomato juice soaked over night

6 cups onion

4lbs bacon

4 cups carrots

8c potatoes

6 c.celery

2 tsp.pepper salt to taste

2 bay leaves combine all ing.except bacon and onion; cook until soft.Cut bacon into small pieces and fry. Remove bacon and cook up onion in bacon grease until soft. Put all ing. together and heat until it simmers. Remove bay leaves before putting in jars.

Makes about 16 quarts.

Pressure can 1 hour at 10 lbs.

Sharon at

Follow-up comment:

Excellent, scrumptious, and beautiful! FYI: 1 medium onion is about a cup. 2 medium stalks celery is about 6 cups. 1# pkg carrots is about 4 cups. 5 medium potatoes is about 8 cups. Thank you Sharon.