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Apple Glossary

      There are over 6,500 varieties of apples in the world. Here are just a few (no way am I typing out all 6,500 varieties!!)
      and what they are best suited for.

      Akane: an all purpose apple; bright red and crisp, excellent for pies.

      Arlet: Firm, tart and best for snacking. Cross between Golden Delish and Idared.

      Cortland: Tart, good for baking, sauce and eating. Doesn't turn brown after cutting.

      Early Cortland: Sweet flavor; good for eating and sauce.

      Gala: Firm yellowish flesh, sweet aroma; good for desserts.

      Ginger Gold: Mildly tart with yellow skin. Great for baking, especially tarts.

      Golden Delicious: Mild and honey flavored. Excellent all purpose apple great for sauce, pies and juice when mixed with
      another variety.

      Golden Russet: Extremely dense and sweet. Used primarily for cider but also popular for eating. Antique variety and
      fairly hard to find.

      Jersey Mac: McIntosh variety; tart and crisp and can be used the same ways as a McIntosh.

      Jonamac: Behaves like a McIntosh. Good for sauce but needs sweetening.

      Lurared: Best for snacking.

      Macoun: High sugars with balancing acidity make this good for snacking and desserts where a soft texture is desired.

      McIntosh: Good eating; the redder the sweeter.

      Mollie's Delicious: Unrelated to Red Delish but similar. Too soft for cooking.

      Mutsu: Yellowish green; fairly sweet; firm dense texture good for cooking. Also known as Crispin.