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      Northern Spy: Large fruit; crisp and sweet/tart taste. Great for baking, eating or sauce. Holds its shape well so renowned for pies.

      Opalescent: old variety, very rare, crisp and good for baking.

      Ozark Gold: Less sweet than Golden Delish; best for eating out of hand.

      Paula Red: Large; tart in flavor; good for eating, making applesauce or baking pies.

      Pitmaston Pineapple: eating out of hand; not suited for baking

      Prima: early; juicy and flavored like a Jonathan. Great for pies and cobblers.

      Rome Beauty: white firm flesh with tart flavor; only cooking apple widely available in supermarkets; best when blended
      with one or two other varieties; traditional apple for pies, sauce and juice.

      Sayaka: resemble Jonathan in appearance and quality.

      Senshu: wonderful sweet flavor; crisp juicy texture; use as for Jonathan.

      Spigold: crisp, tart and versatile; great for any use.

      Summer Pippin: tart and perfect for baking.

      Sweet Sixteen: Northern Spy offspring; outstanding cooking apple.

      Wealthy: soft and sweet; great for sauces and butters.

      Ok, everyone, hope this helps. I notice that Granny Smiths are not on the list... but they keep their shape well in baking
      and stay fairly firm when cooked into a butter.

      Perhaps someone could add this info to the archives so I don't have to type it out again???

      Happy Buttering/Saucing/Baking!!!

      Winesap: crisp and very tart; extremely versatile and great for pies, sauces and cider.