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canning cheese
Tuesday, 26-Oct-1999 16:00:00 writes:

      Will tell you what I have been doing, and
      enjoying it bunches. In the bulk section at your
      grocery store, you can buy the gallon cans of
      cheese sauce or jalapeno cheese sauce. I have
      been using the plain cheese sauce. Pour the
      cheese sauce into a large pot and add one quart
      of water. Bring to just shy of a boil, stirring
      often to prevent scorching. Pour the cheese
      sauce up into pint jars, seal, and process for
      45 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure. This stuff
      is super for topping casseroles, making homemade
      burritos, etc.

      For cheese dip, I use the gallon of cheese sauce,
      add 4 pints of homemade rotel, or to taste, and
      process the same.

      I would assume that if you want to break down
      the jalapeno cheese sauce, you would just add
      the quart of water to it, and process like I have
      been doing the plain cheese sauce.

      It must be processed at 10 pounds of pressure for
      the full 45 minutes in a pressure canner.

      If we can be of any more help, just holler.

      Have a good one !