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Canning Potatoes

      Marika asked how to do this,so I put it on a main post in case anyone else needed the info.

      Canned Potatoes
      Peel, wash, and cube potatoes
      Cook in boiling water about 10 min.
      Drain, pack hot into warm jars , leave 1/2 inch head space.
      Add 1/2 tsp salt for pints:1 tsp for quarts.
      Cover with boiling water
      Pressure can at 10 pounds pressure, pints 30 min and quarts 40 min

      I always put my salt on the bottom of the jar and keep the potatoes under water while I'm peeling them. The only time
      that I had them turn dark was when I did not keep them under water. These potatoes make good hash browns, potatoe
      cakes, mashed potatoes, or whatever you can think of. Just boil them 15-20 min after you open them.Hope this helps you Marika.