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A recipe for all the caramel apple lovers

      Caramel Apple Pie
      9" Pie crust
      10 caramels - quartered
      1/3 C. flour (I have to use more, or it's runny)
      3 C. peeled/cubed Rome or Jonathan apples
      2/3 C. caramel ice cream topping
      2 tsp. lemon juice
      1/2 C. pecan pieces
      Combine caramels & flour. Add apples, caramel topping and lemon juice; mix thoroughly. Pour into pie crust and top
      with pecans. Bake at 375o for 40-45 min. (This is an open top pie, and has become as required on Thanksgiving as
      Pumpkin & Pecan pies.)
      For Deep Dish Pie, use the following:
      15 caramels
      1/2 C. flour (add more)
      5 C. apples
      1 C. caramel sauce
      1 T. lemon juice
      1/2 C. pecan pieces
      This was posted on 2+yrs. ago