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Carne Asada

Recipe is for about 1 ½ lbs. of meat. Go ahead and triple it. : ) Use round steak, chuck, or stew meat. Trim any fat and fling it at the ceiling.

Make a marinade:

3 /4 cups of good red wine vinegar

3 T good olive oil

a healthy dose of good fresh ground pepper

3 /4 t of sage

3 / 4 t summer savory

a few pinches of kosher salt

a few pinches of dry mustard

a few pinches of paprika

a few pinches of garlic salt

Marinate the meat eight hours (I prefer overnight). Be sure to turn it a few times. Remember we don't marinate in metal bowls. : )

Drain the meat and save the marinade. If you used fresh sage and summer savory, take them out. If you used dry, strain the marinade before you move on. You do not want either of these herbs in your jars. Add a few tablespoons of steak sauce, 1 or two finely chopped onions and hot chili strips to the marinade, along with about 2 cups of water. The amount of onion and chili is to taste. Taste it and see if you want more water or want to doctor the marinade. Bring to a boil while you're - browning the meat.

If you used round steak, cut it into strips.

Pack the jars.

Pour hot marinade into each jar (about 2/3 full). Get a strip of hot chili pepper in each jar.

Wheeze, bang, bam (aka - lids, bands, bath)

Process 90 minutes @ lb for your alt.

When you open the jar, open a jar of your salsa, pinto or black beans and make some tortillas. Chop up some onion, cheese, and tomatoes. Good eatin'.