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Chili Sauce Recipe

      I have not been satisfied with the ketchup recipes I have found. An old friend gave me this old time recipe and I used it this year. More happy with the results. Seems like using the whole spices just never has enough flavor for me. This
      recipe uses all ground spices added straight to the mix. Chili Sauce
      22 lbs Tomatoes
      1 cup chopped peppers
      1 cup chopped onions
      1 1/2 cup sugar
      2 cups vinegar
      2 TBS. Salt
      1/3 tsp. cayenne
      1/2 tsp. curry powder
      1 tsp. mustard
      1 tsp. cinnamon
      1 tsp. ginger
      1/2 tsp. cloves
      1 tsp allspice
      1 tsp nutmeg
      Wash,core and quarter tomatoes. Cook down until till reduced by half. I use a huge enameled roaster pan in my oven @ about 375 degrees so it doesn't scorch. Run through foodmill to remove seeds and skins. Continue to cook down until consistency of Ketchup (Rounds up in a spoon with no separation of liquid and solids). Process in BWB. 0- 1000 ft 15 minutes. 1000-6000 foot 20 minutes. I ended up with about 7 pts. You could try Brown Sugar instead of white or Cider Vinegar instead of White depending on your preference.

      Cathy Plumb