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Cinnamon Cuke Rings

1st day - 8 large cukes; peeled, seeded, sliced.

soak 24 hrs in 2 gals H2O (water) and 2 c of pickling salt or lime.

2nd day - rinse, drain, simmer 2 hrs in 8 1/2 qts h2o or enough to cover, 1 c. vinegar (white or cider), 1 sm container red food coloring, 1TBS Alum. Drain, place in large container. Prepare syrup: 2 c. vinegar(white or cider), 2c H2O, 8 c. sugar, 8 broken cinnamon sticks, 6 oz. red hot candy. Bring to boil and pour over cukes; let stand over night.

3rd day - reheat syrup and pour back over cukes. Let stand over night.

4th day - Reheat syrup to boil. Pack rings in jars leaving 1/4" head space. Pour syrup over to mouth of jar. Seal at once. Process 5 min in pressure cooker at 10 lbs. Let pressure decrease naturally.

Variation: We like cloves so Peggy decreases the amount of cinnamon sticks by half and adds 1 TBS of whole cloves when preparing syrup. Happy Canning.