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Crock or Barrel Dill Pickels Recipe

Per 5# of cukes

5#- of pickling cukes about 4 inches and of uniform size
4 Tbl of pickling spices
6 bunches of dill or equilvalant of dry
4 cloves of garlic
1 cup of white vinegar
2/3 cup canning salt
2 Qts water

clean cukes and rinse in cold water.In a larger crock or barrel or a gallon glass jar,sprinkle in half the pickling spice,dill,and garlic.Lay cukes in jar,(or what ever you are filling)to within 3 inches from top.Sprinkle with remaining spices ,dill and garlic.Mix vinegar,salt and 2qts of water pour over cukes to cover.Weight with a plate and cans(I use ziplock bags filled with water for weight)make sure they are completly submerged!!
Cover with cheesecloth.
ck pickles each day and make sure to skim any scum off themThis will start to form on about the 5th day.Make sure pickles are always submerged!!If you need to,make more brine to keep them covered.Leave for 3-4weeks.Pickles will turn an olive drab color,and will be soft-crisp like the store bought cold ones.You can let them stand for another month to develope the flavor further.After that,you will need to put in jars and refrigerate.

I hope this helps some people!!We love this recipe!!
Have a great day.