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I have so many apples here... so yesterday, I cut up about 10 lbs of them, put them in my Cadillac pot, covered them fresh, cold-pressed apple cider and left them covered to simmer for about ... well, let's just say I went to work at
      4pm, they have been on the stove since 2 pm and I forgot all about them!!! LOL

      So this AM, I put them through the food mill, added sugar and cinnamon to the pulp and canned the most gorgeous, delicious apple sauce and now I am straining the cooking liquid to use in my Apple Cinnamon jelly. I have 8 cups of this liquid - enough for 2 batches of 4 cups each - so I am taking 4 cups, adding 3 1/2 cups of sugar and 1 pouch liquid pectin. First boil the juice and sugar, add pectin, stir in well and bring back to hard rolling boil for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Then into 1 cup jars into which I have placed a small piece of cinnamon stick, pour in the jelly and process 5 minutes in BWB.

      Waste not, want not!!! The jelly has already set firmly and looks and smells great. Wow!! Sometimes mistakes (cooking for waaay too long) can be a good thing!!!

      Have a happy day!!!