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Grand Marnier Marmalade

      I haven't tried this yet; waiting for kumquats to come into season. But it sure looks good!!

      2 C. thinly sliced kumquats
      2 C. navel oranges, seeded and chopped
      7 C. water
      1 t. grated fresh lemon rind
      3/4 C. Grand Marnier
      1 ea. sugar equal to cooked fruit (see recipe)

      Place kumquats, oranges, and water in glass bowl. Cover and let stand in a cool place for 12 hours. Pour into medium
      saucepan and bring to a full, rolling boil over high heat. Cook for about 15 minutes, stirring frequently. Remove from
      heat and stir in lemon and Grand Marnier. Measure this mixture and add equal amount of sugar. Again bring to a boil
      and cook, stirring frequently, for about 30 minutes. When mixture begins to gel, remove from heat and immediately
      pour into hot sterilized jars. Vaccuum seal. Makes 6 1/2 pint jars.
      From: Gourmet preserves, Judith Choate (per SOAR archives)

      Any suggestions from you experienced canners for substitutions for the kumquats? I hate to wait for these little things to
      come into season to try this recipe. Also, do you need to BWB? (I seem to have a fixation for that question!)

      Melanie Mc.

Reply-You do need to either pressure can or BWB this recipe to get a vacuum seal. There is no other home method that will drive the air out of the jars and give you an airtight seal. Sorry, but otherwise, just make it up, put it in jars and put it in fridge... might keep for 2-4 weeks. I would BWB 1-cup jars for 5 minutes... you don't need to cook the contents, just seal the jars... that's five minutes from the REBOIL!!