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1. Wash and sterilize jars,etc. Fill water bath pan halfway with water to boil. At same time, fill another pan w/ water to boil. (This water is to be added to the jars later)

2. Wash grapes, remove stems .

3. Measure one cup of grapes and one cup of sugar for each quart jar.

4. Add sugar and grapes to jar.

5. Fill the jar the rest of the way w/boiling water. Leave 1/2 inch headspace. Wipe jar top to clean. Screw on rings and lids.

6. Put jars in canner, add boiling water to cover jars. Process for 25 minutes.

7. Remove jars and cool.

8. Serve in a pitcher with strainer or drain juice off. Add 1/2 to one jar of water to this concentrate.

Hope this helps!