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Homemade Kaluha

Julie J's Kaluha cake recipe made me think of this.Easy and fun to say you made your own.
      1 2oz jar instant coffee*
      4 c. sugar
      2 c. unflavored Brandy (or Vodka)
      2 c. water
      1 vanilla bean*
      Briing water to a boil,then remove from heat. Add sugar and instant coffee. Let this mix cool completely.Add Brandy.
      Pour into bottles. Cut vanilla bean in half and and add one half to each bottle of kaluha. Put top on bottle and do not
      open for 30 days to flavor through.
      * 2 oz jars are hard to find sometimes so use a larger one and measure on kitchen scale for 2 oz. With this recipe you
      can make it decaf if you like. I found a Taster's Choice instant decaf that is French Vanilla flavor, so I left out the vanilla
      bean and it tasted great! You will probably have plain brandy left over.