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Re: wanted: Horseradish recipes

      We made some fresh horseradish about two weeks ago. Clean the finger sized roots with a brush and then scrape the outer layer off with a paring knife and cut it into one inch pieces. Next pour white vinegar into a blender (enough to cover the roots well). If you have huge roots just use enough to fill the blender about half full. Process until horseradish is very fine. Add more vinegar as needed. Season with salt and feshly ground black pepper to taste. You can also add some potato to your horseradish while it is blending to make it a little milder. Store in a tightly covered bottle. Make sure that the horseradish is covered with vinegar. Your horseradish will store in the refrigerator for a long time (several months). The horseradish will darken after a few months, but the flavor isn't affected. We make a creamy horseradish sause by mixing horseradish (drain as much of the vinegar off as you can) in cultured sour cream. Just add as much horseradish as you like. I don't know how well this sauce keeps, but it tastes great with roast beef or prime rib. It can be made fresh as you need it. Hope this helps. Good luck.


Re: wanted: Horseradish recipes
Wednesday, 08-Sep-1999 03:28:08 writes:

      Horseradish looses flavor as time goes on, so I make only 1 1/2-pint jar at a time. The rest I wash and freeze.