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It is only a temporary relish. but I wonder since it has vinegar, maybe you could BWB to get it to seal? Maybe others would know or have an

      Horseradish Relish

      Ingredients (6 servings)
      1 c Grated horseradish
      1/2 c White vinegar
      1/4 ts Salt

      Wash horseradish roots thoroughly and remove the brown, outer skins. (A vegetable peeler is useful in removal of outer skin.) The roots may be grated, or cut into small cubes and put through a food chopper or a blender.
      Combine ingredients. Pack into clean jars. Seal tightly. Store in refrigerator.
      From: Stocking Up Shared By: Pat Stockett

Re: Re: horseradish- Yes you can!
Saturday, 09-Oct-1999 09:24:41 writes:

      I posted a horseradish recipe a couple of weeks ago... not sure if it has fallen off the pages yet or not. I make and can horseradish all the time.. whenever I see fresh roots for sale. It is quick and easy and delicious. Never had a problem. I do it in 1 cup and half cup jars. Sometimes I color it with beet juice but mostly I just leave it plain. The recipe you  posted looks fine for canning. Probably only need 5 minutes in BWB for half-cup jars and maybe 10 minutes for 1 cup.

      Hope this helps!