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pickled veggie recipe I did yesteday

Thursday, 22-Jul-1999 09:47:16

Message: writes:

1 cup each of chopped veggies


sweet peppers (green and red)



green tomatoes



green beans (cut in 1 inch pieces)

1 T. celery seed

2 T. mustard seed

2 cups vinegar (I used apple cider 5%)

2 cups sugar (I used less)

2 T. turmeric (I just bought a bottle of pickling spices for all but the celery seed)

I also used cauliflower and corn (the corn I cooked 10 min. in boiling water and then cut it off the cob and added it too the brine after it was soaked all night. I left out the green beans and carrots too.)

Soak cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, onions, celery,(I didn't have the celery on hand either)

and tomatoes in salt water overnight (1/2 cup of canning salt to each 2 quarts of water.) Now before I drained this is where I added the corn. So now you drain. Cook the carrots and string beans in boiling water until tender; drain water. Mix soaked and cooked veggies with remaining ingredients and boil 10 min. Place in sterilized jars; seal at once. Process in boiling water bath for 5 min. Now what I did was fill my jars as full as I could get and then pressed down even further until the juice came up to the top of the veggies and I did fill all my jars first, I then put on the hot lids and put them all in the boiling water bath canner, the water didn't quit boiling as I did this either. I then started the timing. Mine turned out tasty and very pretty in the jars. I didn't want mine to be that sweet so I just sugared it to my taste and I made 6 cups of each veggie I had. Ended up with about 8 pints. Filled up the water bath canner at one time. Hope this helps the one who wanted relish for her hamburgers. Oh, I also added a few small slices of jalapeno, not much though and I did add raw garlic too about 5 pieces.