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I've enjoyed Marika's dry mixes and thought I'd share some too. The easiest source for some of the ingredients in these recipes is to dry them yourself. Don't forget to attach the "To Use" instructions, especially if giving as gifts.

      1/2 C dried barley
      1/4 C dried mushroom slices
      2 T dried onions, minced
      1/4 C dried carrot slices
      2 T dried parsley flakes
      2 T dried dill
      2 bay leaves
      2 beef bouillon cubes, or 2 tsp. bouillon granules
   Combine ingredients in a plastic bag, glass jar, or any tightly sealed container. Store in a dark, cool place. TO USE: add to 1 quart boiling water and simmer until barley is tender. Remove bay leaves before serving. Serves 4