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       Pear Relish

       1 peck pears
       5 medium sized onions
       6 bell peppers (3 green and 3 red)
       2 lbs sugar
       5 cups apple cider vinegar
       1 tblsp salt
       1 tblsp mixed spices (pickling spices)
       1 tblsp turmeric (for color)

       Put pears, onions and peppers through food chopper. Chop fine.
       Put in large pot and add other ingredients
       Cook 30 minutes (after it begins to boil). liquid will reduce and color deepens to golden color.
       Put in jars, seal, BWB for 30 minutes.
       Yield: 13 pints

       B. Neil Bagwell
       Cooking at the Crossroads
       Martha Bowman Church Cookbook