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Here are a few from The Encyclopedia Of Country Living. Maybe you can modify one of these. Any typos belong to me.

Mustard Pickled Egg

1 qt. Vinegar

1 t. dry mustard

1 t. salt

1 t. pepper

Pour brine into your pickling jar and add the eggs. Let cure at least 10 days.

Spiced Pickled Eggs

Make a brine of 1/2 c. salt to 2 cuts water. Soak eggs in the brine for 2 days.

Pour off brine and make a new brine by heating 1 qt. Vinegar, 1/4 pickling spice, 2 cloves garlic and 1 T sugar. Bring to a boil and cover the eggs.

Canned Pickle Eggs

Fill sterilized Quart jar with peeled, cooled eggs (about a dozen will fit in a quart jar)

Add to the jar

1 spig of dill

1 chopped clove of garlic

1 dried crushed red pepper

1 t. peppercorns

In and enamel or other noncorrosive pan combine

For each quart of eggs:

3 cups white vinegar

2 T. sugar

Bring to a boil and simmer five minutes. Pour hot liquid over the eggs and spices to within half an inch to the jar's top. Water bath for 20 minutes.