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The lady that submitted this wasn't sure about the proccessing times........

      Pickled Jalepenos

      Ingredients (6 servings)

      1 Clove garlic
      1 Sprig Mexican Oregano
      Jalapeno Peppers


      Sterilize pint or half pint canning jars. Into each jar, place a clove of garlic (optional), and a sprig of Mexican oregano
      (also optional, but highly recommended).

      Pack the washed peppers into the jars. For a hotter product, prick each pepper a couple of times with a fork (I don't
      know why, but it seems to work). Fill the jars with boiling vinegar to cover the peppers well. Cap. My grandmother
      never processed these, just stuck them on the shelf for a couple of months to marinate. On the rare occasions when I've
      made 'em, I keep the jars under refrigeration, just to be sure.