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Ruth in GA's Million Dollar Relish

                            2 qts (8 cups) ground cucumbers
                            1 qt (4 cups) ground onion
                            3 green bell peppers, ground
                            3 red bell peppers, ground
                            1 large can pimento, ground
                            1 tblsp pickling salt
                            1 qt cider vinegar
                            4 cups sugar
                            2 tblsp mustard seed
                            2 tblsp celery seed

                            Combine cucumbers, onions, peppers, pimento and soak overnight in pickling salt. Drain, but do not
                            squeeze water from vegetables. Cover with vinegar. Add sugar and spices. Boil (bring to a full boil. Do
                            not over cook.) Seal in pint jars. BWB 15 minutes. Yield 5 pints.