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                            Ruth in CA'S Salsa

                            OK here is MY salsa recipe. Just to alleviate a bit of worry, it is ok to bwb this recipe. I checked because
                            I was previously told only to use reliable sources for salsa or I would risk someone getting ill. My salsa is
                            more acid than the salsa recipe in the Ball Blue Book. So much for USDA guidelines.

                            1 gallon diced tomatoes
                            6 bell peppers diced
                            2 jalapenos diced
                            2 serrano peppers diced
                            2 yellow chilis diced
                            6 Anaheim chilis diced
                            3 med onions diced
                            1 TBS chopped garlic
                            1 cup cilantro-chopped (approx)
                            2 TBS salt
                            1 tsp black pepper
                            1-1/2 cups Red Wine Vinegar

                            Drain the liquid from the tomatoes. Set aside. Combine all the rest of ingredients in large sauce pot and
                            stir. Add the juice from the tomatoes as needed, depending on how liquid you want the salsa.

                            ALSO, YOU can use half diced tomatoes and half Tomato Puree to get a thicker consistency.
                            Bring mixture to a slow boil. Boil for 5 minutes be sure and stir so you don't scorch.

                            I process it in quart jars with 1 inch headroom space for 20 minutes.