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I have a recipe to freeze

      I like to freeze this recipe, while I have others that I can.

      This is more of a salsa fresca, or 'fresh salsa'.

      I start with as many tomatoes as I can stand to cut up. I don't blanch, peel or seed, just chop or dice them up. I add
      green onions (tops & bottom), to taste, depending on how many you want per bite (!), then I add lots & lots of fresh
      cilantro/corriander. If you want, put in some white or yellow onion, too.

      To give it a little extra bite, I crush garlic & add it to the mixture. The last ingredient is bottled italian dressing. Make the sals as thick or as thin as you like according to how much of the dressing you put in it. Since none of the veggies are cooked, the freshness is still there when it is thawed.

      You can add any type of chile or peper that you wish, too. Go crazy with it!