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      Sorry, thought I did reply, must have hit the wrong button. I use the recipe (kinda) in the ball blue book. Wash,core,
      shred (I burned out a food processor one year) cabbage. Weigh. For each 20 pounds add 8 ounces canning salt.
      Proportion your salt according to how much cabbage you have. Then pack in stoneware, or something nonreactive. I
      use ice cream pails. Then weight them down. What I do when I pack in pail, cut lid so just fits inside the pail then fill
      another ice cream pail with water & place on top of inserted lid to weight it down. Leave in a warm place (75-85). The
      ball book says 2-4 weeks, but usually ready after a week. You can taste (smell) it. If it tastes like sauerkraut it is. You
      don't need to add any water, it makes it's own liquid. Then pack in jars and process in HWB for 30 min. Cover with
      the juice it makes. Let me know if it turns out for you.

      Computer Granny