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Italian Sausage Soup

Friday, 06-Aug-1999 18:12:38

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Italian Sausage Soup

1 - 2 lbs. Italian sausage

2 Cloves minced garlic

2 medium onions, chopped

1 lg. can crushed tomatoes

3 cans beef broth

1 1/2 C. red wine

1 T. basil leaves

1/2 tsp. oregano leaves

1 T. chopped parsley

2 unpeeled zucchini, sliced thin

1 cup small shell macaroni

1/2 Cup water

grated Parmesan cheese

Take covering off sausage and brown meat. Drain well and add all ingredients in large pot except zucchini and macaroni. Then put into your jars, if you have the zucchini frozen you can add when you open jar to eat and add the cheese on top when ready. Process quarts at 11 lbs. pressure for 90 min. pints for 75 min.