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Spiced Tomato Jam

      4 lbs tomatoes (about 3 1 /2 - 4 cups)
      @1/2 t cloves
      @1/2 t allspice
      @1/2 t cinnamon
      6 cups of sugar
      5 Tbs lemon juice
      lemon rind (from 1 lemon)
      1 pkg pectin
      a few pats of real butter (optional)

      Peel and crush tomatoes. Add the spices and lemon rind. I cover and let it rest for a few hours. Simmer the tomatoes for about ten minutes.

      Take a 1 /4 c of the sugar and mix with the pectin. Stir pectin/sugar mix into tomatoes. Bring to a boil, stirring  continuously.

      Add sugar - a little at a time - stirring until dissolved. After all the sugar is in, bring the mix to a hard boil and stir for two  minutes.

      Low boil for a few minutes. Remove from heat, and fill jars. WB for 10 minutes (if your alt is 1000 or lower)

      Cool for 24 hours.

      Reduce boil time for a tender jam; increase for a firmer jam.

      Adjust the spice amounts to suit your taste.

      The butter is to cut down on form. If you don't use or have experience with this trick, leave it out. Make sure you skim  form before you put jam in the jars.

      Hope it is what you're looking for. : )