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Recipe Wednesday-Squash Bread...

      Can't take credit for this yummy recipe. Found it in a magazine a couple of weeks ago and have made it twice already.
      Its a great way to use some of last night's leftover squash. Its a pretty color, too. Am planning on making it for
      To make it easier I toss all the ingredients in my bread machine to do all the work, then take it out after the first punch
      down and put it in two bread pans to rise.

      Squash Bread

      1 pkg (1/4 oz)active dry yeast
      2 TBS warm water
      1 Cup mashed cooked butternut squash
      1/3 Cup warm milk
      1/4 Cup butter or margarine softened
      1 egg
      3 TBS brown sugar
      1/4 TSP salt
      3 1/2 Cups all-purpose Flour

      After taking it out of your bread machine divide into two. Place each in a greased pan. Let rise til nearly doubled. Bake
      at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Do NOT bake in your machine--there is WAY too much dough.