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Tried and True Venison Stew

      my husband and I made this last year, we ended up having to make it several times due to requests for stew.
      This is the recipe I have, you might have to cut it down, we used a big outdoor pot to cook it all..
      3 Gallon bags meat(cubed)
      4 green peppers
      5 lbs. carrots
      1 stalk celery
      10 lbs. potato
      3 pint cans of peas
      3 lbs of onion
      8 bay leaves
      14 packs sweet & low
      3 hand fulls salt
      3 hand full pepper
      10 packs beef stew seasoning

      cook meat then salt pepper and sugar.
      then add veg.
      then add seasoning

      Makes 24 qt. batch.


We process it 15 lbs for 90 min.