Medicinal Aspects

is usually used for all kinds of stomach complaints. I have used it for the past 16 years in this aspect. It also works well for calming the nerves and helping you get a good night sleep.

When my children went through Chicken Poxes, this plant became our front line of defense. Not wanting to give them aspirins (Reyes Syndrom), I instead used Chamomile tea along with the Calamine Lotions. This helped alleviate the constant itching and helped them to attain a peaceful sleep

I also have used chamomile in the treatment of arthritis and injuries of the muscles. It is one of the ingredients in my muscle spasm lineament.

I have noticed over the years though, the commercial teas that you buy in the store DO NOT have the same medicinal effect that the herb does when harvested on it's own.


'Like a camomile bed - The more it is trodden The more it will spread,'

It is said that the more you walk upon this plant, the more it will grow. The various Chamomile plants grow to different heights and some are so small they go unnoticed. It is only when you walk upon them will you smell their wonderful fragrance. It smells like apples and hay all at once.

Chamomile is considered to be the 'Plant's Physician,' If planted amongst sickly plants will bring them back to health. It is also believed to 'protect' the other plants in your garden.

According to one German herbalist, Teutonic Tribes discovered this plant in Southern Europe and the Near East. They dedicated it to the Sun God. Because the center of the herb resembles the sun and the white petals around it denotes the sun's forces to them. One of the names that I have heard Chamomile called by is "Baldar's brow.

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