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Hair wraps which seem to be popular again are great for this type of magick. You can not only use colors to correspond to your magickal intent, but you can by those small 'charms' to tie in. The more that you do - the color, the charms, the actual tying or braiding - the more you put into your spell.This all helps to focus and clarify in your mind what it is you are asking for.

As an example, let us say that you want to become pregnant. You should then buy string that is the color of the earth - brown and a color that represents the plants - green, which is a manifestation of the fertility of earth.

You could then by some beads, once again green, throw in some white ones for your purity of purpose, some yellow ones to represent the Sun. After all,it is the Sun and the Earth in combination that is responsible for fertility. I would then try to find small beads that looked like apples.

Remember the story of Frigga giving an apple to Gna to help in the Queen become pregnant? With the apple-like beads though, you may want to ask Frigga to bless them with the intent that you become pregnant.

You might even want to take some of the green beads and inscribe/draw theFEHU Rune. Use this rune in it’s aspect of fertility, growth. On the white ones, draw the BEORC Rune. And on the brown ones, draw the ING Rune -a seed that is planted. On the yellow ones, draw the PETHRO Rune. The cornucopia or womb of the Goddess. Yellow will also represent the Sun, and in one of it’s meanings, this Rune represent something that is hidden, bringing it forth into light.

Gna is Frigga’s swift messenger. On one occasion as she was darting to and fro on earth, she happened to pass over Hunaland. There, she saw King Rerir, a lineal descendant of Odin, sitting mournfully by the shore contemplating his childlessness. Gna reported to Frigga all that she saw that day, as she always does. Frigga, who is Goddess of Childbirth, upon hearing this, gave an apple to Gna from Her private store, to give to the King. The apple represents or is the emblem of fruitfulness.

With the rapidity that is told of Gna, she swiftly darted away to seek out the King. When she found the King, she passed over his head, dropping the apple with a radiant smile.

" ‘What flies up there, so quickly driving past?’
Her answer from the clouds, as rushing by:
I fly not, nor do I drive, but hurry fast,
Hoof-flinger swift through cloud and mist and sky.’ "
Asgard and the Gods (Wagner-Macdowell)

King Rerir sat there for a moment pondering all this and then hurried home with the realization of this gift, his heart beating with anticipation and hope. He gave the apple to his wife to eat, and in due time she gave birth to Volsung.