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As of yet, I have not learned to Spin Thread. I instead use cord that is a natural as possible. I put an oil (see wort-cunning) on it that corresponds to my purpose. I then will tie this around the shaft of a candle. Three knots have always seemed to work best as it deals with the past, present and future. These are the spheres/planes that change is made.

I use a candle to represent the element of fire. Fire has been used by our ancestors in celebrations and ceremonies of old - whether it be the Yule Log, the Need-Fire, etc.

With each knot, I visualize a rune. As I hold this rune in my mind's eye, I then chant and I blow softly as I tie. This is done three times.

As the candle burns, the flame consumes and releases my desire.

I was recently asked if I use any specific chant. Below is a basic chant for the three knots.

"By knot of one, this spells begun.
By knot of two, it cometh true.
By knot of three, so shall it be!"

Colors can be an important factor.

White is considered to denote purity. It can be used for all knot magick.

Pink is used for love. You could use the GIFU rune and tie six knots or two x's three. The combination of two peoples energy. You could tie this to a rose bush. Rose being the symbol of love. I would ask for help from Freya. I personally would be looking for a rose bush without thorns. Or maybe to a Birch tree. Call to Sif for balance and a harmony in a new relationship.

Red is the color of passion. It can be the passion of war or lust.

Green is the color of growth. It can be used for money, plants or pregnancy. I would tie 4 knots as 4 is considered a lucky number (4 leaf clover) and it is considered the numer of creation ~ it took 4 dwarves/elements to make Brisingamen. Four is also a number given for a good foundation. All buildings have four corners -- this is how they stand. I would use the rune Fehu and call to Freyr or Freya.

Black is considered to be the absence or void of any or all coloring. It does not reflect or emit any vibration or color of its own. It has the ability to absorb any energy. Whether this is bad or negative energy sent to you, or energy that you put into it, to send to another. Like magick itself, you must decide what type of energy you will use. This color is used for banishing-- whether it is a hex, or a bad habit. It is used to remove or encase (as in bindings) undesirable influences. Use this color to remove obstacles from your path.

Purple is the color of sovereignty or royalty and dignity. It can be used for success and for personal empowerment.