Medicinal Aspects

Mugwort has been used for the treatment of feverish colds and has been a bathing herb for the same purpose. At one time, it was used as a nervine for the treatment of epilepsy and other nervous disorders.


The name Mugwort comes from the old Germanic muggiwurti meaning "fly or gnat plant," and refers to the plants usage of repeling moths and other insects. In the Middle Ages this plant was considered a magickal protective herb and used to ward off evil. When placed above the door, it would protect your home from lightening, when placed under the doorstep, it would insure that no annoying (salespeople, people who want to "witness to you, etc) people would come to your door. In folklore, it has been used as a herb for visions. Various psychic tools were ‘bathed' in Mugwort.

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