Medicinal Aspects

Scarcely a large area of grass can be grown without finding plantain growing amongst it. This herb is used for the treatment of minor burns, major wounds and rashes. It contains tannins, and thus is an astringent, and is therefore able to draw tissue together. It has the ability to provide a cooling effect. It is also used for coughs and mild bronchitis. Please do not confuse this plant with the cooking banana whose name is the same, but a corrupt version of the Spanish name.


In folklore, one legend has it that a maiden who spent much time sitting along the roadside waiting for her lover, was eventually turned into this plant.

Plantain has been given the reputation by the older herbalists from the time of the saxons as a cure-all for snakebites and poisons.

It is believed that just by calling on this herb - "And thou Webroed (plantain), Mother of Herbs, open from the East, mighty within..." it will lend its power to the healer.

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