Montana Pagans
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Craftname - Grauwolf
Tradition - Folkish Asatru
City - Billings
Comments - Heilsa All, I'm looking for people who are interested in the Runes, the Sagas, the Eddas, our Norse Gods, Viking Lore, and/or their Germanic Heritage. If you would like more information about the Living Religion of ASATRU or would just like to chat, e-mail me anytime.

Craftname - Lasaan
Tradition - Wicca
City - Billings
Comments -Merry Meet! I have been a Witch for 16 years, both as a leader and as a Solitare. I would like to meet with others to exchange information and possible Sabbats together.
Blessed Be

Craftname - Paul
Tradition - Eclectic
City - Billings

Craftname - SkyWolf
Tradition - Wiccan/Shamanistic
City - Great Falls, Montana (as of Jan 99)
Comments - I am always looking for friends with interests in common. I am also looking for a group, I am currently solitary but would like to be part of a group. Please Keep in touch...
Blessings to all

Craftname - Moonchild
Tradition - Wiccan
City - Hall
Comments - Greetings , I'm looking for someone to study with and a coven near Hall or Missoula.
Many Bright Blessings

Craftname - Jericho
Tradition - Eclectic/Solitary
City - Havre
Comments - I have been practicing Wicca for about two years now. I'm looking for other Wiccans to trade ideas and maybe get together for a Ritual. I want to learn as much as possible. A Pagan festival would be fun too. I know a few Wiccans from Havre who would probably enjoy that.


Craftname - Branwen Laurel
Tradition - eclectic Wicca
City - Helena, Montana
Comments - There are several solitary Helena Wiccans. If you are starting out, or are experienced and would like to share your knowledge with our loose affiliation; write me!

Branwen Laurel

Craftname - Sparks
Tradition - Eclectic
City - Helena
Comments -Greetings! There are more pagans/wiccans in Helena than you would imagine. Indeed, we are everywhere. So if you feel alone in Helena, seek us out!
Hi Branwen! See you soon!

Craftname - Kestrel
Tradition - Solitary pagan
City - Kalispell
Comments -


Craftname - phil
Tradition - asatru
City - steilacoom,wa and ronan, MT
Comments -Hail Odin; I am a long time practioner of asatru (mostly solitary)sometimes in a group. I maintain my home in ronan, montana, and work in tacoma washington (sometimes, I go back and forth).. I am delighted to see others in montana who follow the old ways.
May the High Ones keep you all...

Craftname - Grainne Flynn
Tradition - Eclectic/Celtic Wicca
City - NE Montana
Comments -I am a solitary Wiccan with eclectic/Celtic interests. I have been practicing for 1 1/2 years. I make my own jewelry using gemstones, mix my own oils and am learning the tarot. I am interested in talking with other Montana Pagans (I know you're out there!) Drop me a line and I'll get back to you. Blessings to all.

Grainne Flynn

Craftname - Ababina
Tradition - Non-religious witchcraft & ceremonial magick
City -A Montana wannabe, for now
Comments -Hello! I love Montana and am looking forward to moving there once some bills are paid off. Would love to hear about where some of you live. Tell me about your towns!

Pagans From Around the World

Craftname - Kabbalah
Tradition - Jewish Mysticism
City - Torrance, CA
Comments - I am a 46 year old female. I would like to meet men and women of my age group with like interestes in Paganism or Kabbalah

Craftname - I'm searching
Tradition -
City - Denver
Comments - I grew up in Billings, and always thought of it as a very conservative town. I am starting my own spiritual search and am looking for similar groups in my area.


Craftname -Ankh
Tradition -Solitary
City - Beaverton,Or
Comments -Im currently living abroad so I have to forward this through my sister. Please write!

Craftname -
Tradition - Asatru
City - Mission, TX
Comments -Heilsa,
I'm looking for others interested in Asatru/Norse Germanic heritage to talk to and compare notes on our culture and the old ways. I'm lost in south Texas without a dragon-prowed ship in sight!
Earl "Erik the Black" Albrecht

Erik the Black

Craftname - Amberain
Tradition - Eclectic Witch(solitary)
City - San Antonio,Texas
Comments - In need of some communication with like minded folks, sometimes i just need to talk to someone other than myself. I am Solitary by choice, and mostly that is a preferable thing...}:>)...and some days not! If you are in the same canoe, and would like to "sometimes" have someone else to too, sometimes! My name is Amberain, and i have been learning and loving this path of light for very nearly 20+ years. Bright Blessings to All.
Light and Love,

Craftname - Hathor Indigo Rose
Tradition - Eclectic
City - Alexandria, VA
Comments - I would like to meet and/or talk with other pagans. I am new to this path, and I'm always seeking knowledge. It would be nice not to have to seek alone.

Hathor Indigo Rose

Craftname - Morgan
Tradition - Eclectic
City - Singapore
Comments - Know me and my mysteries.


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