Apple Pie Filling

      About 5 lbs. of apples ( use more than one variety)
      10 cups water
      4 cups sugar
      2 teaspoons cinnamon
      teaspoon Nutmeg
      teaspoon Cloves
      1 Cup cornstarch

      Peal and slice enough apples to fill 7 quart jars
      Pack the jars to within inch of the rim.

      Combine 9 cups water, sugar and spices. Place on the stove on high heat.
      Dissolve the cornstarch in 1 cup of water, once it has been dissolved add it to the filling.
      Stir the filling until it thickens.

      Ladle hot filling over the apples until the liquid level is at inch from the rim. Using a knife, probe down into the jar and release air bubbles. Top off the jar will additional filling if the level falls below from the rim. Clean the jar rim and seal the jar. Boiling water bath the jars for 20 minutes. Makes 7 quarts