After I can something, I like making a label for it. I thought maybe someone might enjoy using them too. You may notice after printing them out that you don't have a full sheet - I had to reformat so that they wouldn't break up. I cut them out, then use a glue-stick. I like the glue-stick better as the glue comes off easier that label glue :-)


Peach preserves

Strawberry Preserves

Apple Butter

Spaghetti Sauce

Apple Pie



I recently enlarged these soup labels.
Generic Soup
Chicken Soup
Beef Soup

Jar Cakes


Just for fun


No dear, there is no monster under your bed, I've canned them all!

This label is from Deana.Peppers

This label is from Stacey. They fit on Avery Labels #5267Functional Recipe labels

Marika, from Québec sent this in :-) Étiquettes Fruits

Mary C. has made some wonderful labels Generic labels

Here are a couple of labels for coffee mixes. Laminate and hang from the container.

Style 1

Style 2

If you want to put your labels up to, email them to

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